Art tour in Alicante, Spain

with Svetlana Rumak
12-19 February 2019
Hey! Do you like travelling?
And painting?
This art tour to Spain was created specially for those, who like us, are in love
with the sun, sea and art!

We've planned every detail to make this week interesting and useful and we're happy to share this opportunity with you!
During this week (just a week!!!) you'll have a chance to:
have lots of fun
with friendly, positive, like-minded people!
That's wonderful when the the group of participants is well-matched, isn't it? You've just met and friends already, you really enjoy spending time together and in a couple of days it looks like you've been friends for ages. It's real! We know it for sure because at the every art tour we admire this magic of connection! Coincidence? I don't think so!)) That's the attractor factor - only "right people" join this tour :)
Spanish people itself is an open and joyful nation, they will play along right in the street to help you get the cool shots for Instagram!))
enjoy the beauty
on a sightseeing tour of Alicante!
Do you know what is especially great about the tour created by artists and for artists? We know what we love!
No more boring excursions and ordinary routes!))
We've chosen the sights, the view of which will captivate your "artist's eyes" with ultimate enjoyment and will evoke inspiration in the soul!
Get your cameras and smartphones ready - there'll be something to shoot!
take a picture
of almond groves in blossom…
February in Spain is also famous for its blossoming almond! It's so beautiful!
Almond gardens look like the rows of huge white and pink marshmallow, placed at the foot of mountains!))
Imagine how it feels if you're right inside of this glory!...
Of course, the weather may be capricious and in case of cold winter the blossom may be not so dense as we wish...But for this case we've prepared "Plan B"!)))
be amazed
we'll show you most extraordinary places!
The biggest in Europe Footwear museum! We bet you'll find something to put in your eyes and look at!
It's one of the most interesting and unusual museums in Alicante! It's situated in Elda, which is called the cradle of Spanish footwear. There are 4 exhibit halls:equipment for shoemaking; footwear of different ages, continents and nations; footwear which was awarded prizes in design contests; thematic library - there are many items which will amaze and inspire you!
for remarkable gifts at vintage flea market
Do you like vintage flea markets like we do?))
Yes, an artist can always find somethins interesting there!
Somebody is looking for bizarre stuff to add new items to "fund for drawing from real life", somebody is inspired and can't stop taking photos of all this beauty for future still lifes!
And gifts? Can we, artists, buy trivial and dull souvenirs?? No, no and no again!!!
We're going to take you to one of the coolest antiques market! That's the place to let yourself go!))
Even ordinary shopping in Alicante is amazing - all the shops are one the same street, hard to resist from spending there a couple of hours!))
in one of the most incredible doll museums!
It's astonishing doll museum in Onil.
Onil is famous for its numerous factories where dolls of different brands are manufactured. The doll museum is situated in one of the most beautiful buildings of the town - Casa l'Hort.
The museum has a magnificent collection of more than 1200 dolls of XIX, XX and XXI centuries, including unique examples and original items not touched by renovation!
One separate hall is devoted to the process of doll creation - from the very beginning to its end, you'll find numerous outstanding exhibit items and subjects for inspiration!
seafood, paella, wine and chocolate…
Many people visit Spain to taste seafood and we're not an exception!)))
The choice of the sea creatures here is huge enough to feast eyes on exotic as well as to taste it at the biggest market in Alicante (and the market - surprise surprise! - is not far from the hotel!)
Also you can ask to cook your "purchase" right there in a cafe at the market))
But save a room in your stomach - in the evening we're going to have dinner! We have a list of favourite restaurants, which were discovered during previous art tours, the food there is especially delicious.
and learn!
exclusive original Svetlana Rumak's technique
The most important part of our art tours is the workshops on one of the most popular and extraordinary techniques - created and led by Svetlana Rumak!
Her workshops are always breathtaking, thanks to her extensive experience and pedagogical education even the beginners in art achieve great results!

We guarantee - you'll surprise yourself as well as your closest ones, as you'll bring them from the tour 5 freshly painted masterpieces!))
And now..
"the icing on the cake!"
Here is the detailed description about...
the course of 3 workshops
created by famous Moscow artist
Svetlana Rumak!
Svetlana is the author of more than 10 unique painting techniques: painting with acrylics on canvas and paper. Her workshops are legendary!

During the art tour, you'll take part in the course made of 3 workshops on Svetlana's author's technique "Colourful":
1. Colourful portrait.
2. Colourful still life. Flowers in a glass vase.
3. Colourful still life. Pears and Grapes.

At the classes Svetlana will tell you in details everything about acrylics, its possibilities, share with you all the secrets, tips and tricks of the techniques. Each participant will create not less than 5 works on the paper.
Each workshop lasts for about 4 hours with a short lunch break.

All the necessary materials and supplies and provided at the workshop.
Lesson 1
Colourful still life. Flowers and Glass.
Svetlana will show you how to paint different kinds of flowers in this technique (chamomiles, hyacinths, tulips, dandelion etc). In few simple steps she'll show how to achieve transparent lightness glittering on the sun depicting glass objects.
You'll practice several unique tips and tricks of how to depict volume in this very technique. Will learn how to create unusual compositions in a playful and effortless way, learn how to make the work "complete" and at the same time not "worn out", keeping it unique with lightness and ease.

Click here to learn more and buy the video lesson

Lesson 2
Colourful still life. Pears and Grapes.
Svetlana will show how to paint all kinds of different fruits in this technique using pears and grapes as the example. In few simple steps she'll show how to achieve transparent lightness glittering on the sun depicting the grapes.

You'll review the basics of depicting objects in volume with the help of light and shadow (this information is especially helpful for newbies in art). You'll practice several unique tips and tricks of how to depict volume in this very technique.

We are going to paint fruits in a porcelain or metal vase and will learn several ways of depicting porcelain, silver or copper in this technique.

Click here to learn more and buy the video lesson

Lesson 3
Colourful portrait
We'll learn how to create a unique charismatic stylized portrait.
Svetlana will share how to create the work which will lead the spectator its way, will show unusual tips and tricks using which your character's eyes will glow with the inner light. She will also explain which 3 details will help you to convey your character's nature and which 3 other ones - the mood.

Click here to learn more and buy the video lesson
The art tour will take place in one of the popular Spanish towns - Alicante.
NH Rambla de Alicante
Tomás López Torregrosa, 11, 03002 Alicante, Spain
February in Alicante is nice and warm, the temperature is around +20°C.
Some days are so warm that everybody is wearing shorts, T-shirts and even sunbathing!))
However, it's a good idea to take some warm clothes as well - the weather is changeable and may be cool. To feel comfortable you can take a sweater, a jacket or coat and a scarf.
As there are plenty of excursions, including the ones to other towns in the province, you'll need an umbrella or raincoat not to let rain interfere with our plans))
Make sure you have comfortable footwear - we'll need it for long walks and classes in the studio.
We do not recommend taking any special clothes for classes.
First of all, everybody will get a free apron and secondly, sometimes we'll go to excursions or restaurants right after the workshops.

Check out our previous tours!
In February 2018 we had an art-tour in Alicante. The tour, according to the reviews, exceeded participants' expectations!
The programme of the tour was different as we don't like being repetitive. But what we do want to keep as a good tradition is carrying you off the feet and making every moment of the tour enjoyable and memorable!
We do really care
about the atmosphere of the tour and want it to be cosy and friendly, that's why the group capacity is
7 participants only
Are you with us?
How much is it?
The cost of the art tour per person is
1300 1150 euro
What does the price include?

Double room in 3-star hotel NH Rambla de Alicante situated in the heart of Alicante

Breakfast every morning in the hotel

3 dinners in different restaurants

Several excursions, including the ones to other towns in the province, museums, exhibitions

The course consists of 3 workshops 5 hours each
Medium and supplies

All the necessary materials and supplies will be provided at the workshop.
Important note
If you want to book a single room, this option should be discussed in advance and paid separately at extra cost.
The cost doesn't include:
* round-trip tickets to Alicante
* transfer from and to the airport
* lunches
* dinners in some days of the tour
Day-to-day Itinerary
In case the weather lets us down, some minor changes in the schedule are possible
Day 1
February 12, Tuesday
Check in and getting settled.
Free time, rest after the flight.
A tip: you can get in touch people from our Facebook group and invite to have a walk))
In the evening we'll all gather in the hotel, get acquainted, dine together, discuss the plans.
Day 2
February 13, Wednesday
9.00 – breakfast in the hotel
9.45 – excursion to Onil
A tip: as it's the day of photoshoot in Almond groves, prepare and take whatever you may need for this with you
11.00 – Doll museum
14.00 – Doll factory (alas, no photo shooting in the factory allowed!)
15.00 – lunch time
16.00 – heading to footwear museum, a photoshoot in the Almond groves on the way
18.00 – Footwear museum
19.30 – going back to the hotel
Day 3
February 14, Thursday
9.00 – breakfast in the hotel
10.30 – going to the studio
A tip: take with you or wear the clothes suitable for the photoshoot - right after the workshop we'll go to the incredible Casa morisca!
11.00 – painting
13.00 – light lunch
A tip: don't forget to prepare some snack for this lunch. We'll prepare tea, coffee and sweets for you)
15.00 – finished painting, getting ready for the excursion
15.15 – heading to Casa morisca
16.00 – excursion in Casa morisca, tea time and photoshoot
Day 4
February 15, Friday
9.00 – breakfast in the hotel
10.30 – going to the studio
A tip: don't forget to prepare some snacks and take it with you. We'll prepare tea, coffee and sweets for you)
11.00 – painting
13.00 – lunch
15.00 – finished painting, free time
20.00 – dinner in the restaurant
Day 5
February 16, Saturday
9.00 – breakfast in the hotel
10.00 – 4-4.5 hours excursion in Alicante
20.00 – dinner in the restaurant
Day 6
February 17, Sunday
8.00 – breakfast in the hotel
(as we're going to visit another town in the province, we have breakfast earlier than usual to visit all the planned spots in time)
A tip: take some snacks and water with you
9.00 – departure
10.00 – antiques market
13.00 – lunch in the Chinese buffet
14.00 – excursion in Benidorm
17.00 – coming back to Alicante, free time
Day 7
February 18, Monday
9.00 – breakfast in the hotel
10.30 – going to the studio
A tip: don't forget to prepare some snack and take it with you. We'll prepare tea, coffee and sweets for you)
11.00 – painting
13.00 – lunch
15.00 – finished painting, free time
20.00 – dinner in the restaurant
Day 8
February 19, Tuesday
Everybody's leaving...
What are we going to paint at the workshops?
Just look at all this beauty that was created by the participants of our art-tours:
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
Photo by Sven
Photo by Ed
Photo by David
Photo by Hal
We are grateful!
Our art-tours won't be so miraculous and inspiring without the support of wonderful people who live and work in Alicante!
Irina Pavlova
licensed tour guide
My name is Irina and I'm licensed tour guide in Costa Blanca, Alicante province.
I've been living here for more than 10 years and love tenderly Spain in general and Alicante in particular. The best moments in my work are connected with admiration in people's eyes when they start falling in love with the town. It's the moment when they switch from bored "well, is there anything interesting here?" to "wow, I like this place!". You won't hear lots of dates and names at my excursions, I prefer stories to history: stories about people, traditions, achievements, lifestyle, gaiety and tragedies of life.
Specially for your group, together with Svetlana we created the plan of excursions that would be especially interesting for creative people. The excursions include modern and medieval Alicante, flavours of the fruit markets and mosaic esplanade, doll factory and insanity of footwear designers, flea market rows and skyscrapers of "spanish Manhattan", hidden from regular tourist - moorish garden with peacocks and eastern tea ceremony, almond blossom and fruits of the sea.
See you in February, dear artists! I look forward to meeting you soon to show you my Alicante!
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Svetlana Rumak
artist, the author and host of workshops
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