Colored still life. Pears and Grapes
Author's technique of acrylic painting on paper
Video masterclass:
What will the masterclass include?
We will study the technique
For more than 10 years of working with acrylic, Svetlana Rumak has developed
several unique signature techniques of acrylic painting on paper and on canvas.
Within 2 hours of this masterclass, we will thoroughly study one of the author's painting techniques with acrylic on paper, which Svetlana Rumak has named 'Colored'.
We will practice the tricks
Author's 'Colored' technique is one of the first ones that Svetlana developed, and over the years, there have been so many unique trciks for drawing objects and textures that we had to divide all the material into 3 masterclasses - 'Colored Portrait', 'Colored Still Life. Flowers in a glass vase' and 'Colored still life. Pears and Grapes'.

In the course of this masterclass, we will apply the technique together with Svetlana and work out all its nuances in practice, creating a still life 'Pears and Grapes'.

Svetlana will show how to draw all sorts of fruit using the example of pears and grapes, and how in a few simple steps to achieve an effect of lightness and transparency of the object sparkling in the sun.

We will draw fruit in a porcelain or metal vase having studied several tricks of painting porcelain, silver and copper.
We will study 'the very basics'
We are going to analyze the most basic tricks of drawing a voluminous object using light and shade (this information will be especially useful for novice artists) and study several unique features of the volume image in this technique.

We will learn how to invent unusual compositions eaily and playfully, how to make your work 'complete' but not 'tortured', maintaining lightness, airiness and creativity.
We will draw two works
Under the guidance of Svetlana, each participant will draw 2 (and some even 4!) small works on paper.
Immediately after the payment, each participant of the masterclass receives a link to private groups on Facebook, where you can ask questions on how to prepare for the masterclass, and during the masterclass you can post your works at different stages.

Svetlana will comment on the result and provide individual feedback during and at the end of the video masterclass.

The access to the group is unlimited, which makes it possible to get back to the materials in the group after the workshop. There you can also find information about new tutorials and masterclasses of Svetlana Rumak.
Advice on composition
At the end of the workshop, Svetlana will give tips on the design of the finished works and show how to arrange the work on paper in a passe partout.
The concluding part of the workshop is Q&A session wtih the participants, discussion of works in the private Facebook group.
Dear beginners - you will succeed too! :)
The program of the masterclass was put together and tried out during dozens of masterclasses over the past 5 years in such a way that even participants, who take the brush for the first time, achieve amazing results!)

The technique is divided into several very simple and understandable stages.

We will not use difficult professional notions. All new information will be presented in plain language.

Each trick and stage Svetlana will show all over again, so you may not worry that you miss something or misunderstand.

After explaining each new step, Svetlana will give the participants the necessary time to do this stage on their own to practice the skill.

At the end of the masterclass, we will repeat everything and write it down.
For kids
In our experience, this masterclass suits children from 8 years old, but, of course, it depends on many factors - the child's perseverance, their desire to learn to draw, etc.

For younger children, an adult supervisor's presence is highly recommended.
The video lesson is 3 hours long!
Recorded with two cameras at the same time.
This video tutorial will be of use to you if:
I can't draw a thing!

You have not taken a brush and pencils in your hands since those times when you were forced to draw a dull paraffin tomato on art classes at school? However, deep inside you have always wanted to draw - for yourself, freely, easily, without thinking about the rules and that you do not have a special education...
I am eager to draw, but... I'm scared!..

You are full of ideas and creativity; you are sitting comfortably, getting a clean sheet (or a canvas) ... and all of a sudden .... Ahhh!!! Here it is, the fear of the 'blank sheet'!
'What if it doesn't work out? What if I spoil it? What if I have no talent at all?'... It is clear that the problem is psychological, so maybe I can go to a psychologist???' How to remove these fears and start getting pleasure from the creative process?
I never want to think on 'what to give as a present' :)

Tomorrow is your mom's birthday, on Friday - your best friend's... And you don't know what to give to a person who has everything, with impeccable taste?.. You must know that when a guest says 'The best gift is a gift made with your own hands' and hands over a parcel, the birthday person smiles frigidly)) But how nice it is when you know how to do
something out of thin air! Then friends and relatives order gifts in advance - because you are at your best! )) And then, you see, who knows – maybe it's not far till you 'monetize' your hobby…)
I want more inspiration…

You are a novice artist. You seem to have studied both the rules of construction, the laws of composition, and the linear perspective...
But with inspiration, alas, you've got a problem... I think I want to draw, but what stops me? You want to grab the paints, but so far there are no ideas on your mind...
I want to try something new!..

You are a 'painting' artist. Perhaps you have already developed your own style, but now you are looking around in search of new materials and techniques. You want to have a 'new deal', adding new technique and tricks to your recognizable style, and maybe discovering a new page for yourself in your creative way...
Acrylic appeals to me, but I still do not know it well...

'Oil on canvas' - here it is, the eternal, timeless classics, but alas! You are engaged in creative work at home, but at home your family are annoyed by the smell of oil paints... It is impossible to wash off Viridian green from your cat, and your hands unconditionally give out your 'creative nature'... Or, maybe, like I many years ago, you became allergic to oil paints. Hurray, they have invented acrylic - odorless, diluted with water, easily washed off from hands and cats)) You came to an art supplies shop, bought everything that appealed to your eye, but... It suddenly turned out that acrylic is completely different from oil... How to get used to acrylic without spending a lot of time, color and, most importantly, nerves?
Examples of works
we will draw at the masterclass:
A few words about the course of my masterclasses
on 'Colored' technique
The course includes 3 lessons,
the examples of paintings and description will help you to navigate through 3 variations of the technique and choose the video lesson which suits your needs.
Colored still life.
Pears and grapes.
At the masterclass, we will study all the nuances of the technique itself as well as various tricks in painting different types of fruit, porcelain and metal objects - silver, copper, etc.
You'll need the following medium for the workshop:
1. Whatman paper - 8 sheets 20x15 cm each
2. Round brushes, synthetics No. 1, 2, 5
3. Acrylic for artwork - titanium white + 5 'warm' colors to choose from + 5 'cold' colors to choose from
4. Small-sized palette knife (about 3 cm)
5. Watercolor pencils - dark blue or purple (tips: Faber Castell color Blue Violet, No. 137, Faber Castell color Prussian Blue, No. 246, or similar colors from other brands, recommended brands: Cretacolor, Derwent, Koh-i-Noor)
6. Water tank to wash brushes
7. Napkins or paper tissues
8. Apron
9. Tablecloth, film or sheet of paper - to protect the surface of the table from paint
10. Paper and pen
Svetlana Rumak
About the school's author and instructor:
Hi everyone! My name is Svetlana Rumak, I am a professional artist. I live and work in Moscow.

I graduated from college of education, Faculty of Art and Graphics, then worked as an art teacher in a private school, as a designer, as an artist in a puppet theatre… But for more than 18 years now I have been an independent artist and artwork is my main occupation, and I am really happy about it!))

I paint and engage in graphic arts, I travel all over the world, take part in various Russian and international projects - exhibitions, art-symposia, art fairs and so on.
My paintings live in private collections in more than 20 countries all over the world. I miss them, of course, but I am sure they are in good hands. :)

I have been participating in exhibitions since 1993, and since that time I have taken part in more than 200 of them - in Russia and abroad. I have had 10 solo exhibitions.
I have been a member of Union of Russian Artists since 2002.

I illustrated 2 books of my favourite Lewis Carroll ♥ for Moscow publishing house 'Arbor': 'Alice in Wonderland' in 2009 and
'Alice Through The Looking-Glass' in 2011.

I have been working with acrylic for more than 10 years and developed my signature painting techniques, created 7 workshops and 5 author's tutorials.

Click here to see the schedule of masterclasses

Since 2014 I have been a co-owner and curator of the art club 'Day' in Moscow where every Wednesday since 2015 (if I am in town) I hold 'Acrylic club days'. Anyone can visit the art studio from 12 to 9 p.m and study my signature painting techniques.

You can read more about 'Acrylic club days' here

You can check out my paintings (and purchase them!) on my Facebook page.
What does the masterclass look like?
Here is a sneak peek:
The masterclass fee is €40
Our live has already ended but you can purchase its record.
At the moment the masterclass is available only in Russian,
and you can purchase it.
The translated version will be available to you once it is ready.
one masterclass: Pears and Grapes
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Svetlana provides feedback and gives advice on your technique and style, answers all your questions, and shares her most recent works in a particular technique.

Feel free to send a request – it is a lot of fun indeed!

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