The first lesson (masterclass) is now available in English!

Multilayered acrylic painting on canvas with scratching (Option 1) is available with English subtitles

Art Tour to Baikal in August

An ancient, fascinatingly beautiful, inspirational, long known to the whole world as a sacred, mystical, surprisingly strong place, where everyone discovers something new in themselves.

Less than three months is left before our trip!

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International Annual Online

Art Course 'Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019'

My dear friends, I am glad to present you
International Art Course 'Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019' (PYHaS2019),
in which I am honored to be one of the instructors!
The course will last throughout the entire 2019 year and includes 55 masterclasses taught by 25 art instructors from the US and other countries.

You can join the training at any time.

All masterclasses are provided to you with no time limit.

*You can download a video tutorial and store it on your computer.

I am presenting a masterclass on my mixed monochrome technique. 

This masterclass will be available throughout 2019 ONLY for this course.

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Live classes in the center of Moscow

'Club Day' – a new and completely unique format of live classes - a masterclass in the form of an 'Open Day'!

A great opportunity to study Svetlana's signature techniques live in a fun and cozy atmosphere!

Classes take place every Wednesday.

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Hi! I’m Svetlana Rumak!

Hi everyone! My name is Svetlana Rumak, I am a professional artist. I live and work in Moscow.

I graduated from the Art Department of College of Education. I worked as a fine art teacher in a private school, as a designer, as an artist in a puppet theatre.
But as of today, I’ve been a freelance artist for 18 years with creative work as my main occupation, and I’m very happy about it!

I work with fine art and graphic design, travel around the world, take part in Russian and international projects - exhibitions, art symposia, art fairs.

My paintings are in private collections in more than 20 countries. I miss them a lot, of course, but I am sure they are in good hands :)

I have been an active participant of exhibitions, and since 1993 I have participated in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, 10 of which were my personal exhibitions. Since 2002 I have been a member of Union of Artists of Russia.

I have illustrated two books of my beloved author Lewis Carroll ♥️ for the Moscow publishing house ‘Arbor’: in 2009 - ‘Alice in Wonderland’, in 2011 - ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.

For 10 years of working with acrylic, I have developed several painting techniques and created 7 different masterclasses and 5 signature training courses to teach these techniques.

Click here to see the schedule of masterclasses

Since 2014, I have been a co-owner and curator of ‘Day’ art club in Moscow, where since 2015 (if I am not away on the trip!)) my ‘Club Days for Acrylic’ have been held every Wednesday. Anyone can visit my studio on these days from 14:00 to 20:00 and study my signature painting techniques.

Read more about the Club Days here.

You can find (and purchase!) my paintings on my Facebook page.

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Prints on canvases and pillow cases

You can also order a copy of Svetlana Rumak's drawing printed on a canvas or a pillowcase. You can learn more and place an order in VKontakte and Facebook groups, as well as on Instagram

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