Author's collage
Online masterclass:
What will the masterclass include?
Unique content only. The result of the years-long experience.
Firsthand tips and tricks from the author.
In addition to signature acrylic techniques, Svetlana Rumak has a large number of techniques and 'tricks', using which you can create a subtle, unusual, as if centuries-old work in the Collage technique!))

In this video masterclass, we will study some simple tricks that seamlessly combine with one another, complement each other and create a complete, technically harmonious work.

A feature of this technique is that the work is carried out using a variety of collage techniques, signature tricks and a minimum of painting and drawing. And the application range of this technique is only up to you.
Immediately after the payment, each participant of the masterclass receives a link to private group on Facebook, where you can ask questions on how to prepare for the masterclass, and during the masterclass you can post your works at different stages.
Svetlana will comment on the result and provide individual feedback during and at the end of the video masterclass.

The access to the group is unlimited, which makes it possible to get back to the materials in the group after the workshop. There you can also find information about new tutorials and masterclasses of Svetlana Rumak.
Dear beginners - you will succeed too! :)
The masterclass is divided into several simple steps and since this is a collage technique,
it does not presuppose that you can draw at all.
For kids
In our experience, this masterclass suits children from 8 years old, but, of course, it depends on many factors — the child's perseverance, their desire to learn to draw, etc.

For younger children, an adult supervisor's presence is highly recommended.
Duration of the masterclass — 25 min
The masterclass fee is 21 usd/19 euro
Svetlana Rumak's works made in this technique:
Author's collage
21 usd/19 euro
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Private group
We stay in touch with you!
With the purchase of each masterclass in our art school you get access to private group on Facebook, where you can upload your works, share your experience and chat with Svetlana and all the participants.

Svetlana provides feedback and gives advice on your technique and style, answers all your questions, and shares her most recent works in a particular technique.

Feel free to send a request – it is a lot of fun indeed!

The good news is, access to the groups is unlimited!
The required tools and supplies for the masterclass
1. Watercolor paper (hot-press) size A3, on the stretcher
2. Brushes of different widths (preferably synthetic)
3. Acrylic for artwork — warm grey + titanium white
4. Matte acrylic varnish
5. Small-sized palette knife (about 3 cm)
6. Watercolor pencils (in the video: grey, black). Recommended brands: Cretacolor, Faber Castell, Derwent, Koh-i-Noor
7. Graphite pencil
8. White and black gel pens, ballpoint pen
9. Photos on glossy photo paper
10. Used tea bags
11. Thick silver marker
12. Grey acrylic marker (I use a MOLOTOW marker)
13. Black carbon paper
14. Thick tracing paper
15. Scissors
16. Hair dryer
17. Stationery knife
18. Additional elements of the collage: dry leaves, stamps with patterns
19. A bowl of water to wash brushes
20. Napkins or paper towels
21. Apron
22. Tablecloth, film or sheet of paper — to protect the surface of the table from paint