Author's watercolor
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Unique content only. The result of the years-long experience.
Firsthand tips and tricks from the author.
Those who know Svetlana's work well were most likely surprised to see the announcement of a new lesson on watercolor. Now almost no one remembers that many years ago Svetlana's first creative works were made in watercolor, and her first solo exhibition in Kazan back in 1999 included 30 graphic sheets — watercolors in the author's technique and etchings.

In this video tutorial, we will learn a few simple yet effective tricks that reveal the uniqueness of this author's watercolor technique and, we hope, will pleasantly surprise even experienced watercolorists. And for those who did not consider watercolor as an interesting technique for self-expression, this lesson will provide an opportunity to look at this popular and such common kind of graphics from a completely different angle.

Feel free to think out of the box, without focusing on the botanical plot that Svetlana develops in the lesson — in this technique, still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and abstract compositions will look as impressive. You may be expected to use familiar things that Svetlana uses as art materials. It will push the boundaries of your creativity and make your friendship with watercolor a field for the most unexpected experiments with tools and techniques.
Duration of the masterclass — 30 min
The masterclass fee is 21 usd/19 euro
Svetlana Rumak's works made in this technique:
Author's watercolor
21 usd/19 euro
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Svetlana provides feedback and gives advice on your technique and style, answers all your questions, and shares her most recent works in a particular technique.

Feel free to send a request – it is a lot of fun indeed!

The good news is, access to the groups is unlimited!
The required tools and supplies for the masterclass
1. Smooth watercolor paper size A3, on the stretcher
2. Furry roller
3. Rimmed tray for thinning paint
4. White acrylic
5. Watercolor paint
6. Brushes of different widths (preferably synthetic)
7. Watercolor pencils (in the video: grey, black). Recommended brands: Cretacolor, Faber Castell, Derwent, Koh-i-Noor. Do not use graphite pencils
8. Hairdryer
9. A bowl of water to wash brushes
10. Napkins or paper towels
11. Apron
12. Tablecloth, film or sheet of paper — to protect the surface of the table from paint